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Top 10 Reasons Why Our Sports Bar Should Be Your Next Stop

Bar in Brisbane

What better option than a sports bar when you want to enjoy sports? A sports bar helps you better enjoy the game and is a great space to sit back and relax. Our sports bar in Brisbane, near the Gabba Sports Ground, is the perfect destination for sports lovers and casual fans.

Let’s explore the top 10 reasons that make the Mastani Bar & Restaurant inevitable for enjoying your next game here.

1. Proximity to The Gabba Sports Ground

Located in the center of Brisbane, our sports bar has one exclusive advantage among many. It is just a stone’s throw away from the Gabba Sports Ground. This nearness is an absolute game changer, especially for the enthusiasts.

After witnessing live matches, you can easily hop in here and chill in this vibrant bar. Due to the proximity, long commutes and absence from the post-game buzz are not things you must worry about.

2. Electric Game-Day Vibe at Sports Bar Brisbane

Our sports bar in Brisbane exudes a great and buzzing atmosphere. The vibe is always charged with the energy of enthusiastic sports fans, which altogether crafts a vibrant environment.

Our entire bar resonates with the fans’ laughter, cheers, and occasional debates, which makes the space all the more amazing. Whether you celebrate your favorite team’s win or are unhappy due to their loss, visiting the bar can provide an ultimate game-day vibe.

3. State-of-the-Art Screenings

Never settle for watching matches at home when you can catch all the game-day action live on our giant screens.

The sports bar Brisbane is facilitated with top-of-the-line audiovisual technology, making every move a crystal clear view of every goal and touchdown.

4. Extensive Beverage Selection

Our bar in Brisbane City serves an extensive collection of beverages that can be catered to every palate. From ice-cold ginger beer to mango lassi and refreshing lemonade, our bar has something that can be catered to everyone.

So, what are you waiting for?

Sip the excellent cocktail drink while you enjoy the game. Also, our skilled bartenders will enhance your experience with their amazingly crafted mixtures. A well-maintained drink collection is something that every sports bar is proud of, and we take the liberty of offering an exclusive beverage selection to every one of our customers.

5. Culinary Delights

Enhance your sports-watching experience with our fantastic range of menus that will help to satisfy your hunger cravings. Whether you are craving crunchy appetizers, foiling main courses, or mouth-watering desserts, our extensive collection of food items will be the perfect company for your game-viewing experience.

Our chefs use the best ingredients to prepare Indian dishes that lift your mood. Whether you want the classic pub items or want to explore a more eclectic option, we have something for everyone.

6. Friendly and Attentive Staff

We believe that warm behavior and hospitality are above all. It is a commitment that we showcase to every single customer. The helpful and attentive staff members ensure that each visitor feels welcome and cared for.

From a first-time visitor to a regular supporter, the staff ensures that you receive prompt service with an excellent smile. Furthermore, our staff’s passionate support of the game contributes to the fantastic environment that sets our bar apart.

7. Community of Sports Enthusiasts

When you visit our bar, you can join a community of sports enthusiasts who share the same love and bond for the game. It is more like a gathering space for individuals absolutely in love with sports.

It also fuels a sense of friendship and establishes long-lasting connections over shared defeats and victories.

8. Easy Accessibility

Our sports bar is easily accessible due to its excellent location. It is near major roads and has excellent public transportation support, which makes it easy to reach. The location ensures that people can visit it without too much hassle.

9. Diverse Beer Selection

Our sports bar in Brisbane has an adverse beer collection as far as beer availability is concerned. From Kingfisher beer to Corona and Heineken, our bar guarantees a fantastic experience for those seeking unique flavors.

10. Comfortable Seating and Layout

We ensure that all the visitors are relaxed whenever they visit our bar. Whether the visitors prefer luxurious sitting areas or a cozy and intimate area, we have everything that will suit their preferences.


It is one of the best bars in Woolloongabba. Located near The Gabba Sports Ground in Brisbane, it is an exclusive experience where you will experience the collective excitement of live sports, delicious beer, and lip-smacking cuisine. We provide an out-of-the-world experience, so you have to visit it at least once.

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