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Mastani Indian Bar & Restaurant is not just a place to dine; it’s a function venue in Brisbane for celebration. Whether you’re marking a birthday, wedding reception, engagement, or baby shower, Mastani offers the perfect ambiance. Choose between two distinctive banquet halls – the spacious upstairs hall accommodating up to 200 guests or the intimate ground floor area catering to 80 attendees. Parking is a breeze at Mastani, with 50+ free parking spaces conveniently located within a 1-minute walking distance. Apart from this you will get special treatment from the Founder Mitesh Khristi, The person who is always with you to make your event more memorable. So, come join us at Mastani Indian Bar & Restaurant, where every visit is a regal experience, and every celebration becomes a cherished memory.

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When it comes to celebration, Mastani Indian Bar & Restaurant is the name that you should look for, Always!. Be it, your loved ones, Birthdays, Wedding Ceremonies, Engagements, or Baby Showers, Mastani offers the perfect ambiance. No need to worry about the size of the guest list, make it as big as you want or even invite just close relatives, our distinctive function venue in Brisbane with different spaces and sizes is available for you to choose from. The spacious upstairs hall accommodates up to 200 guests and the intimate ground floor area caters to up to 80 attendees. While choosing the best function venue, parking is something that is a very crucial part and we’ve got you covered for that too, at Mastani, we possess 50+ free parking spaces which are conveniently located within a minute walking distance. While considering every event celebrated with Mastani is special, there is a unique and extraordinary treatment that is offered by our founder Mr. Mitesh Khristi, he is always present at the event and that makes your event more memorable. To make all your memories, memorable, choose us.


Disha Gupta
Disha Gupta
I recently dined at Mastani Indian Restaurant, and overall, it was a delightful experience. The booking process was smooth, and the staff was friendly and accommodating. The food was exceptional, we especially enjoyed the Paneer Lababdar, Butter Roti, and Awadhi Biryani, which was bursting with flavour and exceeded our expectations. However, the only downside was the extended waiting time for our food, which took nearly 40 minutes to arrive. Additionally, the noise level in the restaurant was a bit high, making it challenging to hold conversations comfortably. On the positive side, there was ample parking space available, which was convenient. The only minor inconvenience was that the table provided for our family of three was quite small. Overall, despite a few minor issues, Mastani Restaurant offers delicious food and a pleasant dining atmosphere. I would recommend it to anyone looking for authentic Indian cuisine.
Ian Hamilton
Ian Hamilton
We were looking for a great Indian Restaurant within 5 mins from the cbd ....FOUND IT .. Every dish was a winner and what a selection from traditional to DELICIOUS street food .. You just got some more regulars to add to your burgeoning list ..WELL DONE .
Gagandeep Singh
Gagandeep Singh
Tasty food , friendly staff.
Harmal Singh
Harmal Singh
Good service and food, especially ample space for functions
Kulwinder Singh
Kulwinder Singh
I recently hosted a party at Mastani Indian Bar and Restaurant, and I couldn't have been more impressed. From the moment I contacted them to inquire about their party services, their team was incredibly attentive and accommodating. They helped me plan every detail, from the menu selection to the decor, ensuring that everything was tailored to my preferences. The food at Mastani is simply outstanding. Each dish was bursting with flavor and impeccably presented. From traditional Indian favorites to innovative fusion creations, there was something to satisfy every palate. The quality of ingredients and the skillful execution of each dish truly set Mastani apart. The ambiance of the restaurant provided the perfect backdrop for our event.The staff were attentive and professional, ensuring that everything ran smoothly throughout the evening. Overall, I would highly recommend Mastani Indian Bar and Restaurant for anyone looking to host a memorable event. With delicious food, exceptional service, and a beautiful setting, they exceeded all of my expectations and made my party truly unforgettable.
Jalpanpatel 311
Jalpanpatel 311
One of the best Indian restaurants in Brisbane if not the best restaurants in Brisbane, really fantastic food, staff is also pretty friendly one of chefs came out and we just said hi and he started to having conversation with us in hindi and Gujarati which was surprisingly good as he was non-indian staff and now I started to ordering online from this restaurant and quality is same. I just recently tried Gujarati thali which was amazing, it was second best thali I have tried up until now but sadly it is not available on doordash I hope it will be added in some time.
Heera Fatima
Heera Fatima
Halal food
Ben Irving
Ben Irving
It has happened! After 7 years of living in Brisbane, I have finally stumbled across THE best Indian food I've stuffed in my face since I was in India. We made sure to order only dishes that we had never heard of, and we are so so happy we did. Such intense and beautiful flavours, that made us keep having 'just one more taste' while complaining that we were so full. Be sure to order from both the street food and mains menu. A great mix of authentic dishes. Will definitely be back, with friends.

Perfect Place to Celebrate your


It is said that “Romance is in the air” speaking of love, you want to choose the best and nothing else. Mastani Bar and Restaurant is your perfect wedding anniversary celebration partner in Brisbane city. Our exclusive venue offers the best arrangements for your special day. While offering the best arrangements, we include all the elegant decorations with exquisite Indian cuisine and much more. Let your love feel like a home away from home, choose us to craft your treasured moments.

Wedding Anniversary Celebration
Perfect Place to Celebrate your Anniversary

Explore romance redefined at Mastani Bar and Restaurant, your perfect anniversary celebration partner in Brisbane city. Our exclusive venue offers the best arrangements for your special day, including elegant decoration for your perfect celebration, Celebrate your love amidst exquisite Indian cuisine and create cherished memories that last a lifetime.

Birthday Celebration

Perfect Place to Celebrate your


The party is all about the best food and the precious time you spend with your loved ones, here, at Mastani Bar and Restaurant we will give you the most unforgettable time of your life. With all the trending themes accompanied by mouth-watering menus, let’s make your birthday beyond your imagination.

Best Place to Celebrate

Indian Functions

Mastani Bar and Restaurant counts as one of the esteemed venues for the celebration. Fusing the latest trends with the essence of heritage, Mastani is the premier venue in Woolloongabba that offers an exceptional experience for every Indian function. Choose Mastani Bar and Restaurant, where every day is a celebration of life and culture for your memorable experience.

Perfect Place to Celebrate your Birthday

We are the ultimate destination for your birthday party. Our Restaurant, located in Brisbane City is renowned for its delicious food and lively atmosphere. For a truly unforgettable celebration of your birthday, book one of the top venues in Brisbane. With various cool themes and mouth-watering menus, let’s make your birthday beyond amazing. Join us at Mastani Bar and Restaurant for an unforgettable birthday experience.

Best Place to Celebrate Indian Functions

Immerse yourself in the vibrant festivities of India at Mastani Bar and Restaurant. Our esteemed venue is the perfect destination for all your Indian celebrations in Brisbane. With its perfect blend of traditional allure and contemporary amenities, as one of the premier function venues in Woolloongabba, Mastani provides an unparalleled experience. Trust us to turn your Indian functions into cherished memories that last a lifetime.

Why Choose


Why Choose Mastani?
  • Best Indian Cuisine Restaurant in Brisbane: Indulge in the flavors of India crafted with love and authenticity.
  • Versatile Function Spaces: Our banquet hall adapts to your event, ensuring a personalized experience.
  • Convenient Location: Easily accessible from all corners of Brisbane for your guests’ convenience.
  • Lively Sports Bar: Enjoy the game while relishing our sumptuous offerings.

Amenities And Facilities

200+ guests on upstairs

80 guests on downstairs

50+ free parking spaces

Versatile Function Spaces

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